Prexview Package

PrexView makes it simple to convert your data to different formats.

How to get credentials:

  1. Sign in
  2. Click ‘Generate new API key’

Custom datatypes:

Datatype Description Example
Datepicker String which includes date and time
Map String which includes latitude and longitude coma separated
List Simple array
Select String with predefined values
Array Array of objects


This is the most basic and simple way to use the transform service.

Field Type Description
apiKey credentials Your prexview access key
output Select Type of document that will be created by PrexView service, it must be html, pdf, png or jpg.
data JSON Data to transform in JSON format
template String Template’s name to use for the document creation, you can use dynamic values.
templateBackup String Template’s name to use if the template option doesn’t exist
note String Custom note that can be used to add any information, it’s limit up to 500 chars. This is useful if you want to add metadata such as document, transaction or customer ID. You can use dynamic values.
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