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MaFt4 months ago
OveragesHas anyone else been charged overages recently? My account and dashboard etc etc all clearly show I've not gone over yet RapidAPI are claiming that I've used 840 extra calls today (which we're still on 17th Feb so not sure how that can happen anyway) when I still have 1200 calls left. Have emailed RapidAPI (and CC'd Unogs) about this but just wondering if anyone else had seen the same?
MaFt4 months ago
Just to clarify this is an issue with RapidAPI and not uNoGS that's being dealt with by RapidAPI I was just interested to see if any other users had had similar!
MaFt4 months ago
The API allowance resets at midnight GMT yet it looks like their charging is at 12.20midday Over-usage (646 requests) Thu Jan 17 2019 12:20:00 GMT+0000 (UTC) - Sun Feb 17 2019 12:19:00 It's like they're charging any API usage onto the previous day. Hopefully they'll resolve this soon for me but I can't be doing this every month especially when after a massive overage of $300+ a couple of years ago I've added loads of code to block the usage when it gets to 300 API calls left in a day... So I *know* I've not gone over! The allowance resets at midnight and the billing period at midday - is it those extra 12 hours that they're getting messed up with?!
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