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visualfinder4 months ago
uNoGS delivers movie URL?Hi, I am building my movie finder and looking for a service provider to deliver for each movie the Netflix deep-link. I already have 20.000 movies downloaded from IMDB and would like to link those to the different VoD providers, among them, Netflix Thanks in advance! A
rahulbroy4 months ago
@dablasit Both - Some of the IDs are missing (2019/2018 releases) and Foreign language content. Some of them are wrongly linked (I cross checked with Flixable).
dablasit4 months ago
@rahulbroy what error do you talk about in those 10%? In the sense that not all Netflix IDs by unogs has an IMDb ID or that some IMDb IDs are wrongly liked to some NF ids?
visualfinder4 months ago
thanks for your helpful answer!!
rahulbroy4 months ago
Yes, it does, you get the Netflix movie links along with the IMDb ID so you can match it. But there will be some errors (10%) so do check it once. Also the name on Netflix and IMDb are sometimes different.
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