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neilb143 years ago
API search results do not match websiteI'm trying to make use of the unogs API, however, am finding that the results on the website ( - and does not match the results returned from the API. For example, searching for the movie "Home" on in Canada, under the Genre "Family Sci-Fi & Fantasy":!1900,2016-!0,5-!0,10-!52849-!Any-!Any-!Any&cl=33&st=adv&ob=Relevance&p=1 vs. the same query using the API:!1900,2017-!0,5-!0,10-!52849-!Any-!Any-!Any-!gt100&t=ns&cl=33&st=adv&ob=Relevance&p=1&sa=and' {"COUNT":"0","ITEMS":[]} But I could be missing something - in which case I'd really appreciate some guidance. Thanks!
neilb143 years ago
Yup that's it. Thank you very much!
unogs3 years ago
fixed... try again!
neilb143 years ago
Wow, thanks for the quick fix! Now the API returns 3 results but the website returns 4 (missing the movie titled "Home"):!1900,2017-!0,5-!0,10-!52849-!Any-!Any-!Any-!gt0&t=ns&cl=33&st=adv&ob=Relevance&p=1&sa=and Any advice?
unogs3 years ago
This was a bug in the API which is now fixed... thanks for pointing it out!
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