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By unogs
Updated 2 months ago
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MaFt2 years ago
Thai titles not showingThere have been a few Thai additions today (27th) and a couple of days back (25th). I'm aware that todays additions will still be getting processed but the ones from 25th should be on but aren't showing up. ID: 80161120 Title: ??? was added to a number of regions on 25th April - Netflix are actually showing the original Thai characters for the title - although they have now updated it to the English name (The Forest) The 2 added today are: ID: 80159882 Title: ?????????? ID: 80159881 Title: ??????? I'm guessing the issue is with the characters being used?
MaFt2 years ago
unogs2 years ago
these should be sorted now... thanks for letting me know...
Hi Developer, feel free to post your answer:
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