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FlyerUA2 years ago
Simple title search, more informative errors and better documentationHello. Please add very simple title search. Get rid of this completely uninformative error "ERROR: you can't get there from here!" and make it more obvious in your documentation what parameters are mandatory and what are optional. Make your documentation more informative overall. And please, for the love of everything nice in this world, use goddamn associative arrays. Thank you.
unogs2 years ago
its going to be a while as there are a lot of other people who need to change their apps... feel free to use as this will just become a symlink once things get migrated to api.cgi
FlyerUA2 years ago
Yes, great. Now just waiting for you to push it to live (api.cgi) so that I can change it for my client.
unogs2 years ago
You have inspired me to pull my finger out... try this: replace apic.cgi with api.test in your query. You can now do a simple query by just specifying a q=<value> and all results should be in associative arrays. Let me know how you get on.
FlyerUA2 years ago
Great. Thanks. Best of luck
unogs2 years ago
Apologies what I showed you was for the nfinfo array in the title return. In your example, you are correct 0,4 are the netflix id (legacy issue) basically here is the breakdown: [0] => Array ( [0] => 70021647 #nfid [1] => Into the Blue #title [2] => #img1 [3] => While scouting the deep blue waters off the Bahamas, a group of divers finds a sunken plane with an illegal cargo worth millions. #plot [4] => 70021647 #nfid [5] => 3.4065452 #netflix rating [6] => movie #movie or series [7] => 2005 #title year [8] => 1h50m #runtime [9] => #img 2 [10] => 2015-04-14 #new to netflix [11] => tt0378109 #imdb id [12] => #wether title can be downloaded or not (blank,0 no 1 yes) ) as for your other requests they will be taken under advisement.
FlyerUA2 years ago
Here: [0] => Array ( [0] => 70021647 [1] => Into the Blue [2] => [3] => While scouting the deep blue waters off the Bahamas, a group of divers finds a sunken plane with an illegal cargo worth millions. [4] => 70021647 [5] => 3.4065452 [6] => movie [7] => 2005 [8] => 1h50m [9] => [10] => 2015-04-14 [11] => tt0378109 [12] => ) Some items don't seem to match. And 0 and 4 seem to be the same. Also, by simple search, I meant just one parameter, without 1 million other ones. Like, why not make them default by the processor if they're not there instead of expecting user to pass them with every request
unogs2 years ago
As I said previously, I agree that associative arrays are clearer and we will be going that direction in the future... This api was originally adapted directly from the back end used by the uNoGS website, so it isn't very user friendly at the moment. In regard to the q parameter... Please use the following template to do a search...{query}-!{syear},{eyear}-!{snfrate},{enfrate}-!{simdbrate},{eimdbrate}-!{genreid}-!{vtype}-!{audio}-!{subtitle}-!{imdbvotes}-!{downloadable}&t=ns&cl={clist}&st=adv&ob={sortby}&p={page}&sa={andor} All the parameters are specified in the DOCS. If you are unsure as to the fields in the returned array please see the following which is also in the announcement section: "nfinfo": [ "/images/imdb/tt0323531.jpg", #Larger image "Out for a Kill", #Title Name "In China, Robert Burns digs up a treasure trove of artifacts and discovers they're the kind the Chinese mafia use to spirit drugs out of the country.", #Synopsis "", #Maturity Level "General Audiences", #Maturity Label "3.2870402",# Average netflix score "movie", #Type Move/Series "2016-07-26 10:30:17", #Last checked "2016-02-05 19:35:52", #New to Netflix "2003", #Movie Year "60029591", #Movie ID "1h30m", #Runtime "", #More Art "1",#whether a title is downloadable or not... 1 is yes 0 is no ]
FlyerUA2 years ago
What other fields blank. It's not even explained anywhere. If you just have q parameter, you get that error I've mentioned. Also, associative arrays are not just easier for new users, it's also simply more reliable. If for any reason order of elements in the response is changed, it might mess up things.
unogs2 years ago
apologies that you are getting so frustrated... I agree that associative arrays would be a lot easier for a new user and it is something we are looking into on a new version of the API. In regards to a simple title search, you can search by title by just leaving the other options blank.
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