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By unogs
Updated 2 months ago
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MaFt3 years ago
Certificate ratingIs it possible to get the certificate for the film/show?
unogs3 years ago
The short answer is no... The long answer... If a maturity level/label exists it will be on index 3,4 on nfinfo from Title Information->Load Title Details "nfinfo": [ "/images/imdb/tt1600194.jpg", "Hawaii Five-0", "Hawaii's top cops are reborn in this update of an iconic TV show. They may work in paradise, but there's enough crime to keep them working overtime.", "90", <-maturity level "dialogue, language, sexual situations and violence", <-maturity label "4.2525377", "series", "2016-03-25 08:24:40", "2015-04-14 12:11:47", "2010", "70176866", "na", "" ],
MaFt3 years ago
As in the BBFC rating, sometimes know on Netflix as 'maturity rating'
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