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samuelmanso3 years ago
Different episode cuts/versions per countryHello there. First of all, thank you for developing this API, as it's been incredible useful to me! For a small number of seasons, I noticed that different countries seem to have different cuts of some episodes (and as such, different "videoID" values), but I'm having a hard time identifying which cut is available in which country. For example, Suits Season 1 - some countries seem to have the pilot split into two parts and others don't. As such, grabbing the Titles Details for it will show: Seasons:1(12) for some countries and Seasons:1(13) for others, That makes a total of fourteen "episode possibilities" to choose from, but there is no way (that I could find) to know which episodes are available where. Right now, I (wrongly) assume that the episodes are always available sequentially,always starting with 1 up to 12 or 13 in this case - which makes sense, I guess, for shows with weekly added episodes... I realize it doesn't happen that often, but I was wondering if there's an easy way to customize it on your end? I can see adding all episode "videoID" values when grabbing the "Title Details" - as opposed to just the episode count - or adding all countries that an individual episode is available at in "Episode Details", but maybe there are easier ways to achieve it? Another show where I noticed this was 90210 (Season 1)... and I believe Grand Hotel as well? Thanks in advance.
unogs3 years ago
That is what I mean... currently I capture details on all episodes but they are associated with an individual title not each country.
samuelmanso3 years ago
Well, the details are actually there already: (different thumbnail, episode description and even ID in the API), it's just the fact of not knowing which country it belongs to... unless that's what you meant?
unogs3 years ago
At the moment we only capture 1 version of the episode details so the data that you are after is not currently available through this API. I will let you know if we decide to start holding this information.
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