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pandapow3 years ago
New seasonsHi, I'm wondering about newly added seasons in Netflix. It seems that they don't always get added in unogs database? Or is there some delay? For example, "Better Call Saul" season 2 is now available in some Netflix countries, but in the details from unogs, I still only see season 1 available. A secondary issue is that if new seasons were added, it would be nice if they appear in the "new:x" search results. Not sure if that is the case now?
unogs3 years ago
closing, no response in 24 hours
unogs3 years ago
new:x advanced search results (not country specific) only show globally new titles or season changes. The only current way to see season changes in 1 country is via the newly introduced method (season changes BETA) under the Country Details group.
pandapow3 years ago
Sorry, the first issue seems to be a bug on my side. Season 2 of BCS does appear in the details. But, please comment on the second question. Do series with new seasons added appear in the "new:xx" searches? If not, could they be added?
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