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sbrudenell3 years ago
Searching by IMDb idHi there. I'm writing a small app to track when a list of movies/tv shows becomes available on streaming/bluray/etc. My app keys on IMDb ids. I see uNoGS has mapping between Netflix titles and IMDb titles. I'd like to be able to query uNoGS by IMDb id, to see whether a set of titles is streamable. It's a relatively small number of queries (~120 or so, and it's fine if they're only refreshed once every day or two). I can't find a nice way to use the uNoGS API for this though. I don't see a way to query by IMDb id, I can only get an IMDb id by querying a title. Querying every title to find a particular IMDb id seems wasteful (and incredibly expensive!). Querying by title match also does not always work (how many title name variations should I try before I'm convinced the title doesn't exist on uNoGS?) Am I missing a nicer way to query titles by IMDb? Is it possible to add this as a feature (maybe "imdb:tt1234567" in the query string), or is this feature intentionally missing? Do you mind if I ask where this data is sourced from? Would it be straightforward for me to query the data myself? Thanks for your help!
sbrudenell3 years ago
Nice, I missed that. Thanks!
unogs3 years ago
api.cgi?t=loadvideo&q=tt1047832, This is listed in the documentation under Title Information->Load Title Details Regarding your question, the netflix data is sourced from netflix and the imdb information is sourced from Hope this helps
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