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By unogs
Updated 4 months ago
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oea3 years ago
subscription changeHi, Is it possible to change the subscription from 10 to 50$ for a month and then go back to 10 after ?
oea3 years ago
I put their answer here because it can be useful for other people : "We operate on a net 30 basis, so subscriptions renew 30 days from the date of your initial subscription. If you want to unsubscribe from an API, simply go to the Pricing page of the API and select Unsubscribe from the applicable plan. The date of your new subscription will then be reset as the 30 day trigger for future renewals."
unogs3 years ago
For specific billing questions please send an email to mashape support... [email protected]
oea3 years ago
Will my $50 replace automatically the $10 ? Or should I remove the $10 (before ? after ?)
unogs3 years ago
Hi Developer, feel free to post your answer:
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Install SDK for NodeJS


To utilize unirest for node.js install the the npm module:

$ npm install unirest

After installing the npm package you can now start simplifying requests like so:

var unirest = require('unirest');

Creating Request

.header("X-RapidAPI-Host", "unogs-unogs-v1.p.rapidapi.com")
.header("X-RapidAPI-Key", "SIGN-UP-FOR-KEY")
.end(function (result) {
  console.log(result.status, result.headers, result.body);
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