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By unogs
Updated 2 months ago
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MaFt3 years ago
Available results in the 'countries' section of LoadTitleDetailsCan you explain/confirm what each of these are in the Countries array? ["Guernsey ", //COUNTRY "gg", //COUNTRY SHORT CODE "11 seasons", //AVAIL SEASONS "2015-04-15", //DATE FIRST ADDED TO THIS COUNTRY?? (or at least the date added in UNOGS)??? "", //??? ["1(7)","2(10)","3(15)","4(13)","5(12)","6(13)","7(13)","8(10)","9(10)","10(10)","11(10)"], //SEASON AND EPISODE INFO ["English"], //AUDIO ["English"], //SUBTITLES "49"] //COUNTRY ID Thanks :D
unogs3 years ago
If there is an expiry date it will go there..
MaFt3 years ago
What about the one in between date added and the episode info?
unogs3 years ago
All your assumptions are correct... the date is when it was added to that country...
Hi Developer, feel free to post your answer:
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