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MaFt3 years ago
Load Episode Details - country filterTitle Information > Load Episode Details Is it possible to filter this by country? For example in the UK only 2 seasons are available of id '80067923'. I would like the results to show which seasons (and episodes) are available for that country. In this case it is seasons 1 and 2 but I know for other TV series it might be that the UK has seasons 3-5 (but this shows on netflix as being 3 seasons) Hope this makes sense.
unogs3 years ago
MaFt3 years ago
That's fine - I was hoping to automate available episodes etc eg Red vs Blue (80000063) in the UK strangely only has episodes 6-13 available. Not to worry :D
unogs3 years ago
Unfortunately not, because I only hold very high level (season/episode count) for each country. The specific Episode details are only captured globally.
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