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dkodr3 years ago
The 'andor' parameter doesn't work properlyI've noticed that setting the 'andor' parameter as OR in the advanced search only pulls items that an XOR parameter would pull. If I set audio and subtitles to Polish and 'andor' to OR, I'm only getting items that have either audio in Polish, or the subtitles in Polish, but not the items that have **both** the audio and subtitles in Polish.
unogs3 years ago
glad its working for you... closing this ticket
dkodr3 years ago
You're right, my logic was flawed :-) But I seem to be able to get the results I wanted now. Thanks for your help!
unogs3 years ago
This is 'fixed'... However I am curious to understand why you would be using an 'or' with an 'any' as its the same as just leaving both 'any'.
dkodr3 years ago
The requests I'm using: - 425 results:!0,3000-!0,5-!0,10-!0-!Any-!Polish-!Polish-!0&t=ns&cl=392&st=adv&ob=Title&p=1&sa=or - 393 results:!0,3000-!0,5-!0,10-!0-!Any-!Any-!Polish-!0&t=ns&cl=392&st=adv&ob=Title&p=1&sa=or - 195 results:!0,3000-!0,5-!0,10-!0-!Any-!Polish-!Any-!0&t=ns&cl=392&st=adv&ob=Title&p=1&sa=or
dkodr3 years ago
Took another look at it and I think I may be wrong about the operator, but there seems to be **something** wrong. Look at this: - Polish subs, Polish audio: 425 results!1900,2016-!0,5-!0,10-!Any-!Any-!Polish-!Polish&cl=392&st=adv&ob=Date&p=1 - Polish subs, Any audio: 393 results!1900,2016-!0,5-!0,10-!Any-!Any-!Any-!Polish&cl=392&st=adv&ob=Date&p=1 - Any subs, Polish Audio: 195 results!1900,2016-!0,5-!0,10-!Any-!Any-!Polish-!Any&cl=392&st=adv&ob=Date&p=1 425 != 588 I know I'm linking to the website, but I'm getting the same results from the API.
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