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ravdyo3 years ago
Full catalogI would like the full catalog of every show/film on Netflix in every country on a daily basis. We want to put this in our TV app - Yo.TV. Is there an option for that?
luchisampayo3 years ago
i use!1900,2017-!0,5-!0,10-!0-!Any-!Any-!Any-!&t=ns&cl=all&st=adv&ob=Relevance&p=1&sa=and but not work {"message":"Missing Mashape application key. Go to http:\/\/\/api-keys to learn how to get your API application key."}
unogs3 years ago
if I was only looking at the small subset of countries they do, I may be able to do that as well
ravdyo3 years ago
I'm ready to pay, but i want to make sure that it will work for me, Btw, i was wrong when I was talking about 140 countries, looks like the number is 245. Have you ever consider returning list of the countries, where particular NetflixId is available, the way flixsearch does:
unogs3 years ago
I'm looking into allowing more than the minimum 100 per call but most likely this will be a feature for one of the paid options... stay tuned
ravdyo3 years ago
Thanks, I think it will work for us. The only problem is to figure out in which countries each particular netflixid is available. Looks like the only way to find out is to call each page for each of 130 counties which makes the number of initial requests 140*130=18200
unogs3 years ago
closing as no response for 17 hours
unogs3 years ago
remove the get:new... and remove the gt100 (for imdb votes) e.g. api.cgi?q=-!1900,2017-!0,5-!0,10-!0-!Any-!Any-!Any-!&t=ns&cl=all&st=adv&ob=Relevance&p=1&sa=and
ravdyo3 years ago
Thanks, One more question, when you said 140 advanced search calls, do you mean page by page calls for parameters like this: curl --get --include '!1900,2017-!0,100-!0,100-!0-!Any-!Any-!Any-!gt100&t=ns&cl=all&st=adv&ob=Relevance&p=50&sa=or' \
unogs3 years ago
You would need to around 140 advanced search calls to dump the whole catalog and then you would need to do around 14000 calls to pull details on every title. After you have this base, you could then just monitor the changes per country and update as needed. The number of calls required for this upkeep would depend on how many changes Netflix make.
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