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smartflex3 years ago
Episodes count per country is often incorrectExample with The 100: http://unogs.com/video/?v=70283264 Canada has 15 episodes available for season 3 (you show 16) Portugal has 14 episodes available for season 3 (you also show 16) Impact on "my app": I pick Portugal over Canada assuming they have the same amount of episodes (and Portugal is better for European users, as it is closer/faster). Thanks!
smartflex3 years ago
SUPER AWESOME! I will keep an eye out for any bug. We can already see it in action with http://unogs.com/video/?v=70283264 (difference in episodes for season 3 in Canada and Japan)
unogs3 years ago
It would appear that the squeaky wheel does indeed get the grease! I have now updated the scraper to accommodate the weekly episode titles on a per country basis... Please have a look and let me know if you see any problems. As with any major change like this I wouldn't be surprised to a few bugs so please let me know if you see any issues.
smartflex3 years ago
I did read and understood the solution you proposed! It just doesn't fit my (and probably others users of the API) needs (which is accurate counts for all countries, as I feed this into a decision tree with more criteria). I also understood why it looked near-impossible to provide this for all titles (would make you scrape A LOT more for only a few cases). That's why I went and did a little bit of investigation and this seems to only happen (or mostly happen) to titles with weekly episodes. Other good thing is that it's actually accurate for most non-weekly titles as well (because 99.99% of them share the same number of episode per season as the country with the most number of episodes). So that would considerably reduce the extra scrapes required (only 8 titles * countries for each). But it does indeed require some coding to be done. Anyway, accurate episode counts is not a custom need and it's definitely something important, I just thought it was worth discussing (again), especially with the new info above (making it a "less tricky" improvement).
unogs3 years ago
We have just went in a large circle... I am aware of the current limitations of the standard search results and I have explained why they are there. I have also attempted to provide you with a solution which apparently is either not fit for purpose or you are just ignoring. If I find the time to fix the limitations on the standard search I will let you know.
smartflex3 years ago
The episode counts per season for each country (from search and other list endpoint, NOT the episodes endpoint) should be accurate for the "weekly" titles. Ex: the "3(16)" for the country field JP for The 100 on this endpoint: https://unogs-unogs-v1.p.mashape.com/api.cgi?t=loadvideo&q=70283264
unogs3 years ago
I assume you have looked at the episode details endpoint to see that it lists the country with the max episodes and now you want a list of all countries with the max episodes. Is this correct?
smartflex3 years ago
Hey, sorry for the delay in my answer. As different episodes per country seems to be mainly affecting titles with weekly episode releases (The 100, etc.), would it make sense for you to scrape the episode list (inc. availability) for all available countries ONLY for those titles? At the moment there is no way to know that for example Japan doesn't have the latest The 100 weekly episode but Canada has it (and no trick I could do on my side would give me this info).
unogs3 years ago
closing as there has been no response from user in 2 days...
unogs3 years ago
Ok, I made an update to the capture script and I am now including the country identifier in the results on the GET episodes endpoint. This country is the one with the max number of episodes so this will help your app make the appropriate decision. For this to work for you, do the following: Get list of all titles with 'weekly' updates: GET Weekly Episodes Using these titles run each against 'Load Episode Details' GET Load Episode Details Parse the results and filter anything with 'False' as index 6 on the episodes array.
unogs3 years ago
We have discussed this before and I guess I didn't make it clear... For the episode information per country I show all the episodes listed in Netflix (it lists all whether they are available or not for weekly updates). The reason for this is because their API returns the relevant episode counts based on 1 call for the title but not whether the episode is actually available. In order to look at actual availability I have another script which calculates which country has the most episodes for a title and then I only run against that country to build an episode specific table. For this reason the only way for you to see which episodes are available is to do another call to the episode details endpoint and look at the array returned for each episode to see whether it is actually available or not. In order to make this easier I have another endpoint which will list only those titles which have weekly updates associated with them so you don't need to parse every single title. At the moment this is not necessarily friendly to your app because there is no country associated with the episodes endpoint, I will look into adding the country associated with the 'max episodes' title on the episodes endpoint. I hope this makes sense, email me if you want to discuss on slack...
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