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cos71n2 years ago
Ratings concernHi Admin, It came to our attention that most of the new titles have `0` rating. Is there an issue or it's just that most of them are unrated? If you don't mind to have a look and notify us on what's happening? Cheers.
cos71n2 years ago
Ok. Thanks.
unogs2 years ago
we should still have IMDB ratings...
cos71n2 years ago
So with this, future titles won't have ratings anymore? Is there any work around you can suggest?
unogs2 years ago
I assume those titles are pre-ratings change and what you see is the rating from before. If you have some examples I will check. Keep in mind that when I pull the data if the ratings don't exist I won't overwrite the previous.
cos71n2 years ago
If that is the case, why there are still a number of titles with rating? I mean yes, the majority of the titles has `0` rating. Where does that data come from?
unogs2 years ago
Netflix no longer have a rating via the API, hence the 0 rating...
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