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MaFt2 years ago
Missing season changes?Riverdale: 80133311 GB and AU both had season 2 added today (as weekly episodes) but aren't showing on the Season Change end point.
unogs2 years ago
its a good idea... this uk capture script will now run at 9amGMT
MaFt2 years ago
It's showing now. Can I make a suggestion? Netflix Originals don't get added until just after 8am UK time (i.e. just after midnight in California). If UNOGS is running before that, then Originals will always be added a day late. Could the scripts be run a bit later or given a 2nd run later in the day? It's now exactly 8am and all of today's Originals are now available. : Mind Hunter, Kingdom of Us, Voltron S4 etc etc
unogs2 years ago
GB runs in the morning... could have finished before they got added... check again tomorrow
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