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Welcome to the uNoGS API!

While we have tried to make the experience as straight forward as possible, below you will find some helpful tips and tricks as well as general explanation of how some of the more complex functions work.

when you see countrylist as a possible query it assumes a list of uNoGS specific country ID’s .
These can be obtained by using the /country endpoint.
If you leave this query blank the API assumes you are wanting to match ALL countries.

Limits and offsets

In order to spare our database results are limited to the first 100 (if you want less you can adjust this with the limit query parameter). If you want to page results you just need to use multiples of the limit as your offset query parameter. For example if you want to see the next hundred results you would use offset=100&limit=100.


We have tried to make the search function as powerful as possible below are explanations of some of the more complex queries

  • country_andorunique: This is a text string which can be any one of the following:
    ** and: this lists the titles which are in all of the countries listed in the countrylist
    ** or: this list the titles which are in any of the countries listed in the countrylist
    ** unique: this list the titles which are unique to the countries in the countrylist.
  • newdate: When this query is used there are 2 different ‘newdates’ which may be returned.
    ** If you have anything in the countrylist, the API will look at when the titles where new in those particular countries
    ** If the countrylist is blank the API will return titles which are globally new to uNoGS
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