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need help using the query parameter correctly

Rapid account: Stuartcrawford
a year ago

The documentation on the endpoint page says that the query parameter “can be any string you want to search for”. So I tried to search for content by David Tennant, and the beginning of my query string looks like this: q=David%20Tennant

If I sort by Relevance, I certainly do see films starring David Tennant. But the API seems to treat the query parameter as an “OR” in the sense that it returns all films with either “David” or “Tennant” in the title, synopsis or cast. So I end up with titles starring David Spade, titles entitled “David Gale” etc.

Is there a way to request that the search is made for “David” AND “Tennant”?

Rapid account: Stuartcrawford
stuartcrawford Commented a year ago

I was hoping to be able to issue a single query that would allow me make a request that would (for example) search for movies made since 1993 that are comedies from the UK and list David Tennent in the title, synopsis or cast. Unfortunately, when I try that the result I get shows results with either “David” or “Tennant” in the title, synopsis or cast

Rapid account: Unogs
unogs Commented a year ago

There is a separate endpoint for searching for people…

curl --request GET \
--url '' \
--header 'x-rapidapi-host:' \
--header 'x-rapidapi-key: ${APIKEY}'

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