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unogsNG vs uNoGS

Is it better to use this API or the uNoGS one? Because this one was last updated 7 months ago while the other one was updated 2 months ago.

Rapid account: Baspey
baspey Commented 10 months ago

Thank you very much for your answer!

I’ve had another look at the unogsNG endpoints:

Expiring Per Country => I’ve found the endpoint, thanks!

New Release Per Country => is it the “search” endpoint with the “newdate” parameter? Can we rely on newdate even when a movie is removed then added again?

Weekly Updates => sorry, my mistake, I actually meant Weekly Episodes => I don’t think it’s possible with NG.

Rapid account: Unogs
unogs Commented 10 months ago

baspey V2 is actually a lot more user friendly for people new to the API and you can get all those things through the /search/title endpoint

Rapid account: Baspey
baspey Commented a year ago

Hello, I’m still using V1 of uNoGS and I love it, but how can V2 be considered as an improvement?

It doesn’t seem possible to get New Release Per Country, nor Expiring Per Country, nor Weekly Updates…

Am I missing something?

Rapid account: Unogs
unogs Commented a year ago

they are equal at this point… in the future both will have the same version and be updated at the same time… unogsNG only came about because rapidapi didn’t previously have a versioning system

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