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Backend developer, Owner of Web Agency Sourcerers -> PHP | Python | PostgreSQL | MySQL -> Symfony and Doctrine enthusiast

MapQuasar is a cutting-edge geocoding API that provides powerful mapping and location-based services. With lightning-fast performance and precise accuracy, MapQuasar offers a comprehensive suite of endpoints to meet all your geolocation needs. From geocoding and reverse geocoding to distance calculations and route planning, MapQuasar empowers developers to build innovative location-aware applications with ease. Its unique name reflects its advanced technology and stellar performance, making it the go-to choice for developers seeking unparalleled mapping solutions.
By Sourcerers
Updated 1 week ago
COVID-19 data
Every 15 minutes updated statistic about Coronavirus. Latest stats by country, are collected from several reliable sources. You can also see total stats and daily reports. With 6 servers around the world, we are also fastest API related with COVID-19 on RapidAPI marketplace.
By Sourcerers
Updated 1 week ago