MeaningCloud / MeaningCloud / MeaningCloud LLCMadrid, SpainIntegrate MeaningCloud's text analytics into your workflow. Several APIs with classic Natural Language Processing (NLP) tasks are included: Topics Extraction, Lemmatization, Classification, Deep Categorization and Sentiment Analysis. We offer 10 languages: full coverage for English, Spanish, French, Italian, Catalan & Portuguese and partial coverage for Danish, Swedish, Norwegian & Finnish. Use our customization tools to create custom resources and maximize the accuracy in your text analysis.
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a1The Summarization API is independent of language, that is, you can apply it to texts in any language, but it's optimized for languages in our standard pack (https://www.meaningcloud.com/developer/documentation/supported-languages).
Mon 6:4012/8/19
a1The text limit is currently set to 50k words. You can check all the technical documentation for the API here: https://www.meaningcloud.com/developer/summarization/doc/1.0/request
Tue 12:2530/7/19
a1The best option is to carry out the request against our APIs directly instead of through Mashape. You can find all the documentation you need here: https://www.meaningcloud.com/developer/sentiment-analysis/doc
Mon 7:3828/3/16
a1I'm afraid we don't support Russian!
Tue 11:1526/1/16
a3In Mashape we only have the GET method implemented, but you can use the POST method (which does not have that limitation) if the requests are carried out against our endpoints (https://www.meaningcloud.com/developer/text-proofreading/doc).
Tue 10:4730/6/15
a3Hi @rahuljodhani, Thank you for your interest in MeaningCloud! In order to use this API through Mashape, you have to subscribe to the Basic plan in the Pricing tab. After that, create a new Mashape application or add this API to an existing one, and then you can test the API in the Documentation tab. If you need to integrate it in a Java application, we highly recommend you to [create a new account](https://www.meaningcloud.com/developer/create-account) in our website and test our APIs with our own endpoints. You can visit the [Spelling, Grammar and Style Proofreading](https://www.meaningcloud.com/developer/text-proofreading/doc) documentation and check the examples we provide ([php, java, python and VB](https://www.meaningcloud.com/developer/text-proofreading/sdks/1.2)).
Mon 8:5929/6/15

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