Clayton Davis / OSoMe
a1The 43,200 limit (not 432,000) applies only to the Pro tier of the Pro API, and you can get up to that limit using the Twitter API with app auth. As you can see in the Twitter docs (, that allows up to 450 requests/15 min. With user auth, you are correct that you can only get up to 17,280 requests/day. The Botometer Pro documentation ( explains this: "As compared to the Free API, this Pro API provides a paid tier with significantly higher rate limits: 43,200 requests per day for the pro tier, and 17,280 per day for the basic tier. These rate limit tiers reflect Twitter Search API's user-authenticated and app-authenticated rate limits, respectively." Using more Twitter accounts to get around the limits is a violation of Twitter terms, so we recommend against it.
Sun 5:173/11/19
a1This is an issue about your system command line, which depends on your shell. You might want to consult with unix experts to see if this can be done.
Wed 10:3119/6/19
a1Look for "english" and "universal" fields in the response, as shown under "Response Body" in the Endpoints tab. Note that "scores" are between 0 and 1 whereas "display_scores" are between 0 and 5 as on the Botometer website.
Wed 10:2819/6/19
a3We may have fixed the (or at least one) source of 500 errors, please let us know if you still have 500 errors. Please make sure you submit to the Botometer API the entire JSON you get from the Twitter API; if any fields are missing (as in your example payload), you will get a 500 error.
Wed 10:2319/6/19
a3Oh, the JAVA version SDK is not maintained by us, please contact the author to report bugs.
Mon 4:3310/6/19
a3We have noticed that the error rate is higher than usual recently. We are working on fixing it. In the meantime, please re-try the queries with error later, it usually works the second time.
Thu 3:336/6/19

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