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a1Hi! Yes, we realized that there was an inconsistency in the returned headers, and fixed that along with some other minor changes. We're sorry about the issues you had after the change, we didn't realize it would cause any issues, otherwise we would've sent a warning notification before updating the API endpoints. Thanks for understanding!
Sat 6:1110/8/19
a1Make sure you set a valid-looking user agent when requesting the resource. Unfortunately, some services limit or try to block requests that doesn't look like they are coming from a regular user or regular browser.
Tue 6:5523/7/19
q0Updated version, now works much better
Fri 11:0212/7/19
a1Hey! There is an overage fee being charged. In the response, there's a header called "x-ratelimit-requests-remaining" in the response which lets you know how many calls you have remaining. The documentation is here:
Fri 9:385/7/19
a2Hi! The speed of the API depends on many things. Many results are cached, and will return a response much faster. If the domain is not cached, and unknown, there are multiple checks to verify that it's either valid, invalid, or a disposable domain. In general, most results should have an average of about ~0.5 sec, but it really depends on "the uniquness" of the domains. You can disable some of the more lengthy tests by adding the parameter "disable_test_connection=true". It will do most of the lookups, and still give a really good result. Thanks!
Tue 9:482/7/19
a1Hi! We recently addressed some issues we've been having. Please try it now to see if it is working. If not, please provide a URL that is failing.
Fri 9:1926/4/19
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