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a1Hello, there is no other ways. You need to call .../poll API to receive more data, this is the way Kayak's system designed to serve your request.
Tue 12:3720/8/19
a1Hello, that is because you call the poll API right after create-session API has been called. Simply give the server some delay (3-5 seconds) to prepare the data for you. The server need to collect data from many source to return the result. It is also useless to call the poll API so fast, because you will need to call it again if there is still more pending data to query.
Sat 4:2517/8/19
a1Yes, of course, you can get that data via our .../title/get-charname-list API. I would like to send you screenshot of the response data by the API http://prntscr.com/otaqu0
Fri 2:3216/8/19
a1Hello, please call the API one more time, some time the server is too busy to process your request. I check our system log and see that you call the API just one time. We don't count/charge your request if the server response 5xx or 4xx status code.
Wed 3:1914/8/19
a1Hello, Yahoo Finance feeds data range by days, neither by hours or minutes, I am sorry that you cannot limit the response data by hours as you love to.
Fri 3:399/8/19
a1Yes, you may be interested in the following link : https://thisdavej.com/consuming-json-web-data-using-google-sheets/ or do Google for keyword "consuming api in Google Sheets" https://success.planview.com/Planview_LeanKit/Reporting/Advanced_Reporting/030Configure_A_Connection_To_The_Reporting_API_With_Excel or do Google for keyword "consuming api in Excel"
Thu 5:488/8/19
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