Daniel Amitay / danielamitay
a1@swaroopmaddu, we currently only return 50 reviews for each request. We will look into expanding this endpoint with further functionality.
Mon 4:443/2/20
a1@Peoople apologies for the (extremely) delayed response. The Google Store side of the API has been unreliable and needed improvements for a long time. I have recently invested time in fixing the API and ensuring that it doesn't break in the future. The Google API will work reliably now. Regarding searching both stores at the same time, ultimately there wouldn't be much of an advantage of doing so on our side (we would still double-bill in such a case), and could increase the failure rate. I recommend performing a parallel query from your side and mixing the results.
Fri 9:4313/9/19
a1This is a RapidAPI requirement in the event that you go over the 1,000 request limit--each additional request has an overage charge
Fri 6:5013/9/19
a1Hey pdenoeud, Could you share the full request query you're sending? I'm not seeing those results being returned by the API: poker-odds/hold-em/odds?players=2&hand=2s,Kd { "win": 0.4842, "tie": 0.0418, "lose": 0.474 } poker-odds/hold-em/odds?players=2&hand=2s,Ad { "win": 0.5295, "tie": 0.0396, "lose": 0.4308 }
Wed 1:2614/8/19
a2Language support has been added. We currently support two-letter language codes as an additional &language=en query param. Sorry for the delay!
Tue 4:1016/1/18
a1Hey KevDog, can you email me at [email protected]{mashapeusername}.com with the level/duration of usage you're expecting?
Tue 11:5723/5/17

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