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a7Awesome, thanks for the details.
Tue 9:2220/1/15
a7What do you mean by _**thin** lookups_? Is a GET to `https://nametoolkit-name-toolkit.p.mashape.com/beta/whois/example.com` considered a thin lookup? I'm interested in deciding which out of 5,000 .com domains are available and which ones are registered, ideally in one go. If there isn't [a bulk option](https://www.mashape.com/nametoolkit/name-toolkit/support/17) that does this in (close to) real-time, would 5,000 GETs to `https://nametoolkit-name-toolkit.p.mashape.com/beta/whois/{domain}` be even something to consider?
Thu 2:4515/1/15
a2The scenario is having the user search for a domain, then provide that domain plus 5,000 relevant `.com` domains. On top of that, we would like to display to the user which ones of the 5k domains are available versus the ones that are already registered. The 350k lookups/month currently provided by the Mega plan would only cover 70 such searches. Needless to say, we would expect more than 70 searches to be done within a month. Can we use NameToolkit for this? How? Thanks, Marius
Thu 2:3615/1/15
a7Actually, maybe a quick win in the meantime. You're saying that API v2.0—not running on your distributed lookup infrastructure yet—is more prone to getting throttled by TLD registries like `.edu`. If the scope would be narrowed down to `.com`-only, is this still an issue?
Wed 2:2614/1/15
a7Thanks and looking forward. That would be great news indeed!
Tue 2:3013/1/15
q2Any option for Bulk lookup?
Tue 12:1413/1/15

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