Massimiliano / maxcanna
a2Hi, sorry for the delay. Rapid API didn't send me an email ??‍♂️ Which endpoint are you talking about? Bye
Mon 10:029/12/19
a1Hi, thank you for your interest in my API. Unfortunately I'm not able to provide you an alternative way to try it. Bye
Thu 3:0921/11/19
a13sarthaks I think you completely misunderstood that I don't live in front of a computer ready to answer to users. Especially to users repeating the same questions over and over. This is not my main job so, as I struggle to offer the best I can, it may happen to answer with some delay. It may not be clear to you that I spent a lot of time during my nights to offer the best service to you and all users like you. Having to deal to users like you is not the best and rewarding outcome one can expect after a great effort. That said, I'm sorry to see you go but I think it's the best thing for both of us if you don't find in my service what you're looking for. All the best
Thu 4:093/10/19
a13Here we go again sarthaks. There's no point in asking the same things over and over. As you've seen I do my best to offer you users the best service. I told you that, at the moment, there's no way of getting more or further results. I'll be investigating to see if it can be achieved. Bye
Thu 1:163/10/19
a13No, unluckily not. Play Store changed its API so there's no way
Tue 9:461/10/19
a13Hi sarthaks, I like how you appear just when you've problems but you don't even answer when I ask if they're solved Anyhow, if you read the docs you'll see that the page parameter is no more available. Bye
Sun 12:3929/9/19

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