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a1Hi, Thanks for your feedback, there is no pagination available in the API yet. We keep it in mind for a further development. Maxime
Mon 6:463/2/20
a4Hi, It's not possible to get data from a specific area, we don't have the areas informations in our databases, only countries. Then we can't implement this feature for you now, sorry. We keep your feedback for a possible evolution on our databases. Maxime
Mon 6:113/2/20
a2Hi, To access to your RapidAPI dashboard you can follow this URL : https://rapidapi.com/developer/apps For more specific uses regarding the RapidAPI interface you should contact them. Let me know if you have any other question about the Radio API. Maxime
Mon 6:043/2/20
a4Hi, specific data from a state or a city is not available. You can get stations and charts infos only by country. I keep your advice for a further version, Thanks! Best regards, Maxime
Wed 2:5222/1/20
a2Hi, Thanks to use our API. To find radio stations by country, you'll have to access the endpoint named : Radio search (unlimited). Then fill those 3 parameters : country : 2-letter country code (Example: US / All countries : ALL) keyword : (Example: Z100 / Min. 2 characters / All: 0) genre : (Example: 5 / All genres : ALL) As an exemple , to get all the radio stations from France : country : FR keyword : 0 genre : ALL To get all the country radio stations from the US : country : US keyword : 0 genre : 51 You can find the genre id through the "Music genres list" endpoint. Let me know if you have any problem. Best regards, Maxime
Thu 6:185/9/19

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