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a1Sorry for the trouble. It has been fixed now.
Sun 5:0112/11/17
a1All Freemium APIs are labeled as a Basic plan. You can test a Basic plan, within limits. It’s your responsibility to review and acknowledge the plan’s usage limitations. As an example the Basic plan, featured here, permits up to 10k requets per month. If you exceed these limits, your account will be charged an overage fee. In this situation, each additional request is charged $0.001. In order to account of this mashape asks that every freemium subscriber has to provide a payment method. Hope that answers your question
Fri 3:5724/3/17
a1The basic plan is free and has plenty of calls for free. Please use that.
Mon 12:0925/7/16
a1The basic plan is free and has plenty of calls for free. Please use that.
Mon 12:0925/7/16
a1There are 3 levels of analysis 1. Document cleansing using a curated set of stop words, stemming etc 2. Sentiment classification using trained ML models. ( Algorithm : variant of SVM ) 2.1. We use short documents ( tweets, comments etc ) for training on sentiment of phrases and short sentences 2.3 . We use larger documents ( web pages, articles etc ) for training on sentiment of multi paragraph contexts. 3. Use heuristics to convert contexts to features. An example is is 'not so good' is translated into a negative feature v/s capturing good as a positive feature.
Fri 10:3327/3/15
a3Hello There ! If you look at our public page at https://www.mashape.com/mlanalyzer/ml-analyzer , there are some examples for different analyzers. I did a test and all of our analyzers are working correctly. Please make sure your auth key is correct. The best way for me to debug this is if you send me a curl command that demonstrates the problem ( minus your auth key ). Thanks !
Mon 4:1320/10/14

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