Michael Smith / moneals
a2Hi Steven, Apologies but it looks like there was a bug with latitude/longitude. The latitude/longitude values were not getting correctly converted into numbers. I just corrected this issue and released a patch. You should now be able to use the latitude, longitude parameters and leave the address parameter blank. Let me know if you run into any additional issues. Thanks, Michael [email protected]
Sat 12:0931/8/19
a3createandgo - I just moved the API to new infrastructure and removed some callouts to external endpoints. You should find the performance is improved.
Tue 1:0413/11/18
a3createandgo - it looks like most of the latency is on the backend calls happens as I pull up to date data for the domain. I cache what I can but for many domains I need to get on-demand data to ensure accuracy. An option to reduce latency could be to reduce some of the external data I pull in with each call. If you aren't interested in the 'birthDate' and 'grade' fields I could add a flag to suppress those and reduce some of the latency. A separate option if you are just interested in overall throughput is to look at increasing concurrency by adding more nodes to our server pool. Let me know your thoughts.
Fri 7:022/11/18
a3I should be able to get the latency reduced but some of it depends on the underlying calls (WHOIS, etc.) I will take a look at the logs and get back to you soon.
Fri 6:222/11/18
a4Here are the currently supported TLDs: (com|net|org|name|me|au|ru|us|uk|fr|nl|fi|jp|pl|br|eu|ee|kr|pt|bg|de|at|ca|be|info|su|kg|io|biz|mobi|ch|li|id|sk|se|nu|is)
Tue 11:094/9/18
a2Closing as it seems this is resolved on your end.
Tue 6:1228/8/18

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