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BMI Calculator
The BMI Calculator API provides accurate and comprehensive Body Mass Index calculations, offering valuable insights into users' health status. With support for weight, height, age, and gender inputs, it delivers precise BMI values along with related metrics like ideal weight, surface area, and basal metabolic rate. Developers can seamlessly integrate this free API to empower applications with advanced health assessment capabilities, promoting wellness and fitness goals among users.
By Navi
Updated 3 weeks ago
La Liga Live Scores
La Liga Live Scores API allows to retrieve historical data as well as current season results, scorers, lineups, substitutes, events, statistics, odds and much more all with live updates, for the top professional Spanish football league. And more features are coming...
By Simone
Updated 3 weeks ago
Russia 2018 Worldcup Tournament
This api will help you keep your Russia 2018 scores updated, so you can chat and discuss with your friends
By Backend Dev
Updated 3 weeks ago