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a3Hello, I do not know the exact way to handle it in NodeJS. But you get the binary data as response from the request. Did you try to save it as a file instead of showing it directly via base64?
Fri 9:173/1/20
a2Hi, we are not aware of any changes to our API. Could you please send us complete request bodies which work on the rapidAPI site and do not work on your server? Your current request misses the data attribut... so I want to makes sure I see an complete (not) working request. You can also send us those details to [email protected]
Thu 3:222/1/20
a3Currently we do not offer base64 or other options. You would need to save the raw source code to a file with the correct image type ending. So get the body of the response and save it to "qrcode.png" or similar.
Tue 3:2615/10/19
a3Hello, the URL should be: http://api.qrcode.studio/tmp/648b3597c78236a6afce5db4c459dff9.png Also please note that the codes are just save temporarily and they will be deleted after a while. So you may need to recreate the code.
Fri 8:0911/10/19
a11) We do not provide a free version because we offer our free QRCode Monkey website and we don't want to offer a solution that can't provide support. So it would be a little invest for you to test if it works for you. 2) Technically it is an overlap over another image but we consider the error correction of QR codes to find the perfect size and placement of the logo. So you could say that "some" data is lost but it is not a problem.
Fri 6:0627/9/19
a3try to user "imageUrl" as value for the "download" parameter. Let me know if this helps.
Thu 5:5512/9/19

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