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a2Hi. I guess I can make you a private plan after discussing the requirements and duration for your project. Unfortunately mashape/rapidapi doesn't have a hard cap option yet. Can you hook up on and DM me on twitter https://twitter.com/robtexdotcom and we will sort something out?
Sun 10:4610/9/17
a1Hi. Sorry I have no experience with powershell, but we will sort it out somehow. The API is a normal json API and the key is provided by mashape, so it should be quite straight-forward. Does your implementation work with other json API:s ? other mashape API:s ? If you prefer you can DM me on twitter if that is quicker way to sort it out step by step https://twitter.com/robtexdotcom
Wed 12:3016/8/17
a4This issue moved to email, so i'm closing it here if you don't mind
Mon 8:1531/7/17
a4No problem. It is a bit complicated API. It would be easier to document if you had to make one API call per answer, like "fetch #1 on this IP", "fetch #2 on this IP" and so on, but that would end up in a lot of calls if you want 100 answers about the same IP number, so we made it possible to get multiple answers in one go.
Mon 8:1231/7/17
a4For the reverse endpoint i presume? It depends on what queries you make, and for what. For instance the number of hosts on an IP number of a webserver can be only one, or it can be thousands. Set the max parameter to 1 and you will only use 5000 credits in that month since you will only get max one answer per query.
Mon 8:0731/7/17
a4Hello. Oh. we copied the pricing from a competitor, but we plan to make other pricing models that are cheaper for bigger users. Better start high and go down from there than the opposite. We have also requested that mashape would support a free pricing plan with a limit, so you will not risk getting charged if you exceed the limit. Making it totally free without limits always ends up with abuse and our servers getting slow and burning up. Hang in there
Thu 10:4422/6/17

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