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a13Good luck with your project!
Fri 1:3525/11/16
a13Hello, By default recommended similarity percentage value to treat face as matching (of the same person) is 40%. But please note that there is no exact confidence level which would be suitable for all the projects. The higher your confidence level - the higher is probability to get false rejection and the lower is confidence level - the higher is probability to get false acceptance. You should decide what is more critical to your project - false acceptance or false rejection and then choose the right confidence level. What is more, you can just try to experiment with different confidence levels and after that make a decision.
Thu 1:0224/11/16
a13Hello Vinay, Concerning your request here is some explanations. Pitch and Roll are face posture angles returned by face detection. Roll – when person tilts his head sideways and Pitch – when person nods his head down or raises up. Yaw angle – when person turns head sideways. For face recognition – first faces should be trained (face templates should be created), FACES/TRAIN uses tags previously saved using tags/save methods. More can be read here: – 4.10 FACES/TRAIN Once face tags were trained, you can use faces/recognize method. Results “matching or not” will be returned as UIDS, like shown in 4.12 FACES/RECOGNIZE example: <..> { "uid" : "[email protected]", "confidence" : 98 } <..> The higher the confidence means less chance that false acceptance has happened. In other words – bigger value means algorithms is more sure that face belongs to the same person.
Tue 3:0215/11/16
a13It seems you are using mashape proxy which when sending data to our service does not convert to correct format. Our system expects content-type: multipart/mixed format, but receives different request. If you need to build .NET application, please use this client provided by us:
Thu 5:2910/11/16
a3What is more, try to use this client provided by us:
Thu 4:5310/11/16
a2What is more, try to use this client provided by us:
Thu 4:5210/11/16
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