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a1Hi Sportsjaw, Yes, games are currently only displayed once the odds are published. We're working on a way to provide fixtures/schedules for games before the events are published as well. Please feel free to reach out with any other questions or comments. Best, TheRundown Team
Mon 12:5819/8/19
a2Hi trigvi, apologies for the issue The data has now been corrected and updated.
Wed 12:4524/7/19
a1The lines are an object to allow efficient (O(1)) selection of specific sportsbook's odds. When using JavaScript or NodeJS, you will need to use the following to access the data: ```[i].lines[1].spread ``` which results in a single additional character (two brackets instead of a single dot).
Fri 4:507/6/19
a1Hi mkrueger12, yes, we recommend you use the httr package found here:
Mon 4:0227/5/19
a1Hi sbaner, Yes, this is because that endpoint only returns games that have not yet begun for that sport. In order to get all games for a particular date, you will need to use the /sports/{sport-id}/events/{date} endpoint. Note that this defaults to using UTC, but an offset query parameter can be specified in the request to offset for a particular number of minutes as described in the API documentation.
Sat 6:0925/5/19
a1Hi Skay, can you give us the event identifiers of these duplicate games? It is possible that the games are changing times as the sportsbooks make updates. As a result, we highly recommend using the event identifier to identify individual games and not just the time.
Tue 2:4414/5/19
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