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a1Hi brunohennig, As mentioned in the documentation (, team rankings and records are available as attributes on the "teams_normalized" attribute of any events response as "ranking" and "record". Note that "ranking" will be null unless a value is set. Please don't hesitate to reach out with any further questions by emailing us at [email protected] Best, TheRundown Team
Fri 10:5410/1/20
a3Hi brunohennig, Thank you for reaching out. Currently, we support in-play odds for a number of bookmakers, with Pinnacle and Matchbook being two of them. Once the event begins, the in-play odds will take the place of the closing full-game period lines, for each of the currently supported markets (spread, moneyline, and total). We have plans to move these in-play odds to a separate line period instead of the pre-match full-game odds. In the meantime, the suggested workaround is to either take the odds from another bookmaker that does not currently support in-play, or to pull the lines as close as possible to the start of the actual event start time. Please stay tuned for updates including these changes and more. Best, TheRundown team
Fri 4:0010/1/20
a1Hi SenorShaun, We're looking to add this information very soon. Stay tuned!
Fri 2:5913/12/19
a3HI declankennedy, Thanks for getting back to us. Yes, the event_date is always provided in the ISO8601 format as rajasaurus mentions. This format contains the date and time in addition to timezone information. It looks like you're using python. We recommend using the pytz library for parsing timezone aware dates in python. It can be found here: Please let us know if you have any further questions. Best, TheRundown Team
Fri 2:4513/12/19
a3Hi declankennedy, Can you provide us with more information, specifically, the endpoint you're using, with parameters, which event ids have the incorrect event date, what event date they were showing, and what you expected them to show? Thanks, TheRundown Team
Wed 12:0211/12/19
a2Hi jmcallis, This should now be resolved for current events and events moving forward. Please let us know if you see this again. Thanks, TheRundown Team
Fri 6:521/11/19

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