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a1Hello, We're currently experiencing an issue with the data we get from our partner at the Rutgers site. When it's resolved, this API will return to it's normal function. Our support team is engaged with that vendor and their team to resolve the outage. If you've got any further questions, you can respond here or email [email protected] Thanks for your patience! Best, API @ TransLoc
Fri 7:1730/11/18
a4gunnjerkens, Thanks for reaching out to us. We currently do not have OpenAPI access enabled for the Playa Vista transit agency. We use a separate set of APIs to power the TransLoc apps, like Microtransit and the mobile web site. The option to share data through the OpenAPI, or not, is totally up to our agency partner. If you'd like to reach out to the agency, they can contact us at [email protected] to enable public access to their data. I have two contacts you can reach out to: Brett Baum ([email protected]) or Dawn Suskin ([email protected]). Best, Spenser
Tue 4:217/8/18
a1The Mashape API Marketplace is currently experiencing intermittent performance issues. The effect we're seeing on the OpenAPI is a massive increase in latency (over 500ms) and considerable increase in error rates. The " ttomn TransLoc has verified that our platform is healthy and performing as expected, so the issue will be resolved when Mashape's services become stable again. At this time, we do not have any timetables to share with API users. To follow the current status of the Mashape system, reference this page: http://status.mashape.com/1305227. Once Mashape's service has returned to normal operations, please let us know if you're still experiencing issues with the OpenAPI. Best, Spenser @ TransLoc
Thu 5:577/9/17
a1Hey Mark, I reviewed the last month or so of traffic for our API and your access in particular. I know that our platform is running smoothly, 24/7, and hasn't had any recent uptime issues. Our API error rate has dropped to an all-time low in the past six months. Your API errors do not correspond to any overall trends in responses or latency. I'd like to know what, specifically, you're doing with the API... I see several hundred requests per minute which feels excessive. Your nightly failures might be due to your implementation, and not the platform. If you'd prefer to reach out directly, contact me at [email protected] Best, Spenser
Fri 2:3721/7/17
a1There isn't a flag for the number of predictions. We return up to two arrival estimates for each unique route, stop, and vehicle combination. You can specify routes and/or stops to scope the response for the endpoint. Best, Spenser
Mon 8:145/6/17
a5Hi, A few days ago, Mashape's API marketplace was suffering from an intermittent outage. The issues were across their entire platform, and not specific to TransLoc's API. We look at http://status.mashape.com/ to stay informed of Mashape's status. Thanks for your patience. Best, TransLoc
Fri 3:0626/5/17

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