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a1Hello, Waynaut is currently undergoing a large restructuring, we will comment with a massive update when we can disclose. For the time being our freemium services are suspended.
Thu 10:0216/11/17
a3Hello, I am very sorry for the bad address, please write to me directly: **************@waynaut.com
Tue 11:437/3/17
a3Hello, thanks for the feedback! Busbud has a strict control over the number of queries that is made to their systems therefore we can enable it only after we review the scope and purpose of your application and eventually put in place a special agreement. The structure of the API response is the same regardless of the providers so it should be possible to carry out the development. Please follow up this conversation so we can better understand your needs at [email protected]! We can setup a brief trial period where you'll have access also to busbud content but we'd need to establish a conversation first. I will close this ticket since it is related to a commercial theme rather than a technical one! Thanks! Waynaut support team
Thu 4:062/3/17
a5Ok, we will try to test it direct to our servers and see if the problem persists.
Fri 3:4725/11/16
a5Hello, the solutions will be posted to a url which is in the headers of the response of the "/travels" POST request. There will be a header "Location" which is the endpoint to poll for solutions (our engine is streaming out travel solutions at that endpoint, usually the first ones arrives after 10 seconds and they keep coming up to 60 seconds). In the response you get from the POST, is there a "Location" header (regardless of the strange status returned)? We have tried extensively with our technologies (for instance we have a basic front-end passing via mashape to demonstrate our api here: http://go.waynaut.com/waypack/ ) and it is working as expected, can you monitor with CharlesProxy or something similar the exact request that is going out form your app? Thanks for the patience!
Thu 3:2617/11/16
a5Hello, I have tried your url with curl and it returns a Location header in the response where to poll for results with no errors. While we investigate this further can you please confirm that the library is not manipulating the url? We had some similar issues with some libraries encoding all or part of the url (but eventually they returned errors 400 o 404, not 500). Another strange thing I see is in the headers, I assume you removed your key but I don't see a , before "Content-Type". Can you confirm it is just a copy-paste thing to show the code here? On Mashape analytics we don't see 500 errors on the 14th (maybe reports are delayed though), so there may be indeed something strange going on, moreover earlier this morning mashape was down for a couple of minutes, so it may be under maintenance. We are also moving our support to a JIRA servicedesk, we'll let you now when it's ready! Thanks for the patience.
Mon 11:4114/11/16

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