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a2This seems to be a restriction of the mashape proxy. Can you configure React such that it sends the mashape key in the header of the OPTIONS request?
Mon 12:553/12/18
a1Hi Is it not possible to get the direct URL of the livestream, because we also don't know it. We only embed the player. Regards Ingo
Wed 8:2214/11/18
a2Hi Victor We transform the geographical coordinates into the pixel space of the map at the given zoom level. With this we create the clusters in a way that they don't overlap. Each cluster is represented by the most popular webcam in that cluster. Regards Ingo
Tue 2:033/1/17
a4Hi For displaying the webcam or the timelapse player you have to request the image and the timelapse object. You may use this API call: https://webcamstravel.p.mashape.com/webcams/list/webcam=1200421441?show=webcams:image,timelapse Please refer to the documentation for more information on the available response objects: https://developers.webcams.travel/#webcams-query-parameter https://developers.webcams.travel/#webcams-api-webcam-image-object https://developers.webcams.travel/#webcams-api-webcam-timelapse-object Regards
Wed 9:0312/10/16
a4Hi The SSL error may be caused by your local installation of PHP and cURL. Please read the following topic on Stack Overflow: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/24611640/curl-60-ssl-certificate-unable-to-get-local-issuer-certificate It will work if you inset Unirest\Request::verifyPeer(false); before. The second error about decoding JSON: the call of Unirest\Request::get(...) already returns the decoded JSON data. You can rightaway use $json without calling json_decode(). Please call the API without curly braces, .i.e. https://webcamstravel.p.mashape.com/webcams/list/webcam=1200421441 Regards Ingo
Mon 10:5410/10/16
a2Hi With this request you get the webcam object, but only in its basic form (you get the id, status, and title). In order to get more information per webcam, you have to specify the parts you are interesed in. For example if your are interesed in the location details for the webcams, then you have to add this to the show query parameter like this: curl --get --include 'https://webcamstravel.p.mashape.com/webcams/list/webcam=1054917524?show=webcams:basic,location' For more details on the available parts for the webcam object, please check out the documentation: https://developers.webcams.travel/#webcams-query-parameter
Fri 1:5023/9/16

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