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a5Just an update on this. The kind of Wikidata extraction I'll need to do to support cases like this cannot be efficiently done through the publicly-available Wikidata instance. To get around this, I am currently working on setting up an internal instance. This may take a couple more weeks before I can procure the hardware, set it up, and update the import code to leverage it. Stay tuned to this thread.
Tue 6:503/12/19
a5Thanks for your report. The problem is that the Wikidata entry uses a Geonames ID that's tied to what GeoNames considers a third-order administrative division (ADM3). GeoDB doesn't currently pull ADM3 data from Geonames. Hence the disconnect. I will have a look over the next few days to see how to address this situation with minimal impact to existing data.
Thu 1:2228/11/19
a8Yes, unfortunately, beyond population, I have no way of knowing what distinguishes a town from a small city. I rely largely on GeoNames data and it does not distinguish cities from towns. It's possible WikiData might, but so far this use-case does not appear to be popular enough to warrant the significant effort that would be involved in attempting to address it.
Tue 4:4319/11/19
a8Perhaps what you're looking for is a way to limit cities not just by minPopulation by also by maxPopulation. That second param is currently not implemented. Let me know if you need it and I will work on adding it to the api.
Mon 7:1418/11/19
a8There is no distinction between a city, town, or village, other than by population. You can limit the cities returned to have a certain minimum population (minPopulation param).
Mon 4:4618/11/19
a8For Berlin (see previous response), use v1/geo/cities/Q64/nearbyDivisions?radius=50
Mon 7:5018/11/19
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