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a2Keep in mind that translations are provided where available. This is based on WIkidata translations for the city in question. Smaller cities are not likely to have a translation in your requested language. If you think a given city is missing a translation that's actually listed in Wikidata, please verify this first by going to the Wikidata entry using the provided Q identifier and observe if Italian is listed as a translation. If this is the case, definitely bring it to my attention.
Mon 8:3416/9/19
a2Can you provide the specific latitude/longitude coordinates, minPopulation, and radius you're using?
Mon 8:3116/9/19
Thu 12:4612/9/19
a3This was the result of Santos appearing as both an admin-division and a city in the GeoNames data. The import logic was sorting on population to disambiguate such duplicates, preferring the one with a larger population - which in this case turned out to be the admin-division. I've updated that logic to prefer cities over admin-divisions, and only then sort by population. The fix should be available by end of day.
Wed 5:1011/9/19
a1That question doesn't really make sense. What is the distance between the US and Canada? If you want distances between cities, use the city-distance endpoint. See here: http://geodb-cities-api.wirefreethought.com/docs/api/get-city-distance#/ From this, you can estimate non-stop flight times, but GeoDB doesn't provide that directly.
Fri 3:496/9/19
a9Ok. If you find new issues, please make a fresh post, as I currently don't get notifications on replies to existing threads.
Sun 8:2125/8/19
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