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a1Hi Mark, You can cancel your subscription yourself on the Mashape web site. Please let us know if you have any problems and thank you for using our service! Best regards, The WorldTime.io Team
Tue 9:2318/8/15
a9Hi Oleg, We are pleased to hear that you discovered the cause of this issue and hope that you were able to remedy that situation from occurring again. Regarding your questions, there is a flat-rate fee for each service tier regardless of the number of requests (i.e. your quota) you use. So for example you pay an upfront fee depending on the API package you subscribe to and then you are required to pay any overage fees beyond the agreed requests limit at the rate also provided when signing up. If you need additional requests then you can choose to either upgrade to a larger API subscription package OR pay the overage fees at the 'per request' rate shown during sign-up OR potentially create multiple separate API subscriptions and balance your requests between these these subscriptions. e.g. If you need 200,000 requests per months the most cost-effective option would be to create two separate API subscriptions and balance access to them equally from your own service infrastructure. > Could you say what means errors in your logs? Is it how often your service does not respond correctly to my requests? I'm not sure I understand your questions here. If you would like to discuss these issues further could you please open a new issue where we could discuss further? I'm closing this support ticket since the original issue seems to have been identified and resolved on your side. Best regards, World Time Engine Support Services
Fri 9:5927/3/15
a9Another possibility is that your web pages are being crawled by robots (e.g. Search Engine Spiders). Those visits are not displayed in Google Analytics and those visits may be contributing to the API usage you have generated. The best solution would be to check access logs generated and stored directly on your web server(s). Importing raw web access logs in to e.g. AWStats (http://www.awstats.org) should help you identify how this has occurred.
Thu 3:2626/3/15
a9Hi Oleg, Your API key is private and we do not have any access to such information. Therefore there would be no way for us to artificially generate more requests to your account than are being generated by yourselves. You should ensure that your API credentials are kept secret so others cannot re-use them and bill requests to your account. Are your API credentials stored in a secret place (e.g. in server-side code)? Please let us know if you resolve this issue. Best regards, World Time Engine Support Services
Thu 3:2226/3/15
a1We have been experiencing a general outage of our database servers due to maintenance at our data center. This outage continues but we have now been able to restore database services elsewhere and the API should now be functioning as normal.
Fri 11:2130/1/15
a1The first 2000 queries a month are free. If you use more queries you will be billed at a rate of $0.0008 (USD) per API request at the end of every month.
Thu 9:4615/1/15

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