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Beta version of the API. This version is open to everyone for testing and discussing it.

Kuponiko is an API that fetches the latest coupons posted on the Internet. With over 2000 shops all around the world, kuponiko will find the most recent ones so that you can save money on the purchases.

How can you monetize it?

Wherever there is a time or money save mechanism, I assure you that you can cash in on that. For example:

  • Browser extensions - can go and depend on the place the user is, you can search the API and tell them the coupons that they could use in that place. With that shop, you can make affiliation, such that each purchase made with some referral link, you can make some cut. An extension would encourage the user to make a purchase because itโ€™s cheaper.

  • Newsletters - are another nice tool that you can implement in your email contacts. Once people are signed up, and when they provide a postal code, you can target them by sending them the coupons that are near them. Again, a way to monetize that is that you can make a referral link to the product, such that you get the cut.

  • Radar - method would be that once the user starts listening for the coupons on some shop, as soon as they are posted, you can send them the coupon before it gets claimed. That could be done with a browser extension, a mobile app, via texting/email or even with the website apps.

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