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Standard Horoscope Feature API Documentation

Standard horoscope APIs allow you to create a full featured horoscope websites or mobile applications which has kundli or horoscope detailed calculations, remedial measures such as gemstone suggestions, mantra and rudraksha suggestions, dosha analysis which includes Manglik and Kal Sarpa dosha report, predictions such as planet rashi and planet house reports and much more. This also covers all the 16 divisional charts of Vedic Astrology and planetary positions as per Vedic/Indian Astrology. Start consuming these APIs today :)

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POSTBasic Astrological Details
POSTHoroscope Charts
POSTCurrent vimshottari dasha
POSTMajor vimshottari dasha details
POSTBasic panchang details
POSTBasic panchang details at the time of sunrise
POSTPlanet panchang details at the time of sunrise.
POSTPlanetary Panchang Details
POSTBasic gemstone suggestion
POSTKalsarpa dosha report
POSTManglik Report
POSTNumerology basic details
POSTPlanetary details
POSTBasic Astrological Details

Provides the complete avakahada details e.g. nakshtatra, charan, tithi, karan, yog ,varna, vashaya, yoni, etc

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