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my24h.email - Easy & Fast Disposable Mail

This API purpose is help developers to automate email tasks like website registration process or to simply add email receiving functionality to your own apps.
Using a simple GET request you can create a valid disposable mailbox and start receiving email immediately.
Mailbox is deleted after one hour (configurable TTL).
Available GET requests provide mailbox contents (messages list, message file) and advanced functionalities like “Click on links”.

Very useful endpoint to directly download email attachments.

Save API requests: you don’t need to poll API to check incoming emails. It’s now possible to set a webhook URL to be notified on new email events for a specific address.
Webhook endpoint should accepts HTTP/S POST request with application/json body contents.

In PRO, ULTRA and MEGA plans, all created mailboxes are now private!
Only you can read emails from your private mailbox. Protect your data!
If you need <a href=“https://www.my24h.email”>webmail access</a> you can still create a public mailbox calling Create Mailbox endpoint with public parameter set to true.

In FREE plan all created mailboxes are still public

A new very useful feature in API: call Screenshot endpoint to get an email preview (image/png).
HTML emails are correctly rendered and supported.
This is the only API with screenshot functionality! Full height screenshot!

<a href=“http://www.my24h.email/screenshots/sample.png” target="_blank"></a><a href=“http://www.my24h.email/screenshots/sample3.png” target="_blank"></a><a href=“http://www.my24h.email/screenshots/sample2.png” target="_blank"></a>


Yes, this API allows to enable disposable mail functionality to your own custom domain. Subscribe to MEGA plan!
Domain “my24h.email” is included in all plans.
Using your own custom domain is the only way to avoid being blocked by disposable/fake email detectors.
A very useful domain management endpoint is available to list, add or delete custom domains for your account.


This is the only API with auto click functionality!
call Click on links endpoint to automatically use API server to perform a GET request to links in the email. List of links and GET reply code is provided in the API response.
This function is very useful to automate registration and email validation processes.


It’s really simple:

  1. call Create Mailbox endpoint to create a new email address
  2. send an email to the new address
  3. call Get Emails List endpoint to get the list of received emails
  4. call Get Email Content endpoint to get email content
  5. optional: call Click on links endpoint to simulate a click on email body links
  6. optional: call Screenshot endpoint to get rendered email contents (png image)
  7. optional: call Webhook Set endpoint to set webhook URL to receive notifications on new email events
  8. optional: call Webhook Remove endpoint to disable notifications on new email events
  9. optional: call Attachments endpoint to get list of email attachments and download them

In Create Mailbox call you can specify:

address=anyword@my24h.email  (all plans)
address=random (all plans, a random mailbox is created and address is returned in response)
address=anyword@yourdomain.com (MEGA plan only!)

ttl=600 (mailbox expiration in seconds. Valid range is 600-86400. This is optional, the default value is 3600.)

Every API response is in JSON.
Email content is provided in “message/rfc822” format.

You can create as many email addresses as you want!
You can receive as many emails as you need!
You can set mailbox expiration in 10 minutes-24 hours range.
Totally managed and reliable SMTP service.


  1. Create a mailbox. The address is randomly generated and provided in the response.
curl -H "x-rapidapi-host:easy-fast-temp-mail.p.rapidapi.com" 
     -H "x-rapidapi-key: place-your_rapidapi_key_here" 

JSON Response:

{"message": "email address created", "address": "passionately.unshammed@my24h.email"}
  1. Send an email to the generated mailbox (“passionately.unshammed@my24h.email” in this tutorial).
  2. Get a list of received emails. You need to provide email address in request path
curl -H "x-rapidapi-host:easy-fast-temp-mail.p.rapidapi.com" 
     -H "x-rapidapi-key: place-your_rapidapi_key_here" 

JSON Response:

        {"isNew": "true", 
         "messageId": "n2hekqdpg9peph1ncbiivokuh1ki9qr4fqn3s001", 
         "timestamp": "2020-04-03T13:38:53.205Z", 
                 "date": "Fri, 3 Apr 2020 15:38:40 +0200", 
                 "messageId": "", 
                 "from": ["Sender "], 
                 "to": ["passionately.unshammed@my24h.email"], 
                 "returnPath": "blabla.blabla@gmail.com", 
                 "subject": "This is a sample email"
         "destination": "passionately.unshammed@my24h.email", 
         "source": "blabla.blabla@gmail.com"}
    "Count": 1}
  1. Get email content. You need to provide email address and messageId in request path.
curl -H "x-rapidapi-host:easy-fast-temp-mail.p.rapidapi.com" 
     -H "x-rapidapi-key: place-your_rapidapi_key_here" 

The response is email content in rfc822 format.

  1. You can simply ask API to click on all links in the email (no need to download email and parse it).
    This is very useful to automate registration processes.
    To use it add “/click” at the end of the path.
curl -H "x-rapidapi-host:easy-fast-temp-mail.p.rapidapi.com" 
     -H "x-rapidapi-key: place-your_rapidapi_key_here" 

JSON Response includes all “clicked” links found in the email body and HTTP response:

{"links": [
         "url": "https://www.vittorionardone.it/blog", 
         "status_code": 200
  1. You can get rendered email contents in PNG file format. To use this endpoint add “/screenshot” at the end of the path.
    You must provide correct headers in GET request: ‘accept: image/png’ is mandatory to work properly!
curl -H "x-rapidapi-host:easy-fast-temp-mail.p.rapidapi.com" 
     -H "x-rapidapi-key: place-your_rapidapi_key_here" 
     -H 'accept: image/png' 
     -o screenshot.png 

Response is a PNG image with rendered email contents (or a JSON in case of error)

  1. Set webhook URL for incoming email events.
curl -H "x-rapidapi-host:easy-fast-temp-mail.p.rapidapi.com" 
     -H "x-rapidapi-key: place-your_rapidapi_key_here" 
     --request POST
     --data '{"webhook":"https://a.very.fast.endpoint.com"}' 

JSON Response:

  1. Remove webhook for incoming email events.
curl -H "x-rapidapi-host:easy-fast-temp-mail.p.rapidapi.com" 
     -H "x-rapidapi-key: place-your_rapidapi_key_here" 
     --request DELETE

JSON Response:

  1. To get list of email attachments, call this endpoint: add “/attachments” at the end of the path.
curl -H "x-rapidapi-host:easy-fast-temp-mail.p.rapidapi.com" 
     -H "x-rapidapi-key: place-your_rapidapi_key_here" 

JSON Response includes all attachments found in the email body:

{"attachments": [
        {"idx": 0, "filename": "ronaldo.png", "size": 99663, "content-type": "image/png; name=\"ronaldo.png\""},
        {"idx": 1, "filename": "README.md", "size": 18876, "content-type": "text/markdown; charset=\"US-ASCII\"; name=\"README.md\""}

To download a specific attachment, add idx query parameter.

curl -H "x-rapidapi-host:easy-fast-temp-mail.p.rapidapi.com" 
     -H "x-rapidapi-key: place-your_rapidapi_key_here" 

Coming soon features:

  1. auto click feature DONE!
  2. random email address generation DONE!
  3. email preview (image rendering) DONE!
  4. private mailboxes DONE!
  5. delete feature (email, mailbox)
  6. message encryption at rest with your own key
  7. webhook notifications DONE!
  8. direct access to email attachments DONE!
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