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Convert fonts from one format to another
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Online font converter

The online font converter is a very simple API.
It takes two or three parameters:
The original file that should be converter,
What format it should be converted into
And the output format (zip, tar, tar.gz) (default is tar.gz)
you will get back a packed binary file, something like onlinefontconverter.tar.gz then unpack it.

Directory structure:

│   ├── README.txt
│   ├── converted-files/
│   │   ├── Apple-Chancery.svg
│   │   ├── Apple-Chancery.ttf
│   │   ├── Apple-Chancery.woff
│   │   ├── Apple-Chancery.woff2
│   │   ├── Apple-Chancery.eot

The source file

The file can be in almost any font format, even a PDF!
afm, bin, cff, dfont, eot, otf, pdf, pfa, pfb, pfm, ps, pt3, suit, svg, t11, t42, tfm, ttc, ttf, woff, woff2

Suggestion how to upload a ufo font folder and converting it to a font is much appreacheated.

The target format

Enter your wanted extension(s) of the format you wish to convert the font to.

Here is some of the extension that you can convert to: afm, bin, cff, dfont, eot, otf, pfa, pfb, pfm, ps, pt3, suit, svg, t42, tfm, ttc, ttf, woff, woff2, ufo

Is there some format we don't convert to? tell us what it is!

Visit to just convert fonts online.
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