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By webknox
Updated 6 months ago
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Last Updated on April 11, 2014

The WebKnox Recipe API (developed in cooperation with spoonacular.com) provides you access to over 330,000 recipes. It also allows users to search for recipes using natural language, such as "high protein gluten free brownies without sugar". The API also makes it possible to visualize ingredient lists, show price breakdowns, calculate nutritional information, and create recipe cards -- automatically and for every recipe.

We hope the WebKnox Recipe API will make the web a tastier place. If you have any suggestions how we can do this better, please do not hesitate to share your ideas with us (here: http://spoonacular.com/about#contact).

##Terms of Use##

###Acceptance of Terms###

By using any of the WebKnox Recipe API packages offered on mashape.com (from the Freemium plan to the Ultra plan) or the WebKnox Recipe API widgets, you are confirming that you have read and agreed to the Terms of Use outlined below. Failure to honor these terms will result in your use of the API from being blocked. If you do not agree with being bound to the terms below, please do not use the WebKnox Recipe API.


Your license grants you access to the WebKnox Recipe API on a month-by-month basis dependent on your agreement to pay the monthly fee (and any additional charges due to exceeding the number of requests per day covered by your subscription) and on your agreement to respect these terms. You will be charged every month until you cancel your subscription on mashape.


The WebKnox Recipe API has collected recipes and photographs from across the web. WebKnox does not own these recipes, which is why credit in the form of a link to the original source is always given. You MUST credit the original source on your website, app, etc. too. Should the original creator contact you to remove the recipe or the recipe's photograph from your website, it is your responsibility to let us know (via mashape) that the recipe should be removed from the API.

WebKnox does, however, own (a) ingredient images, (b) summary texts, (c) analyzed results (ingredients, nutrition, price data). You may use (a-c) for your website as part of your monthly subscription to the WebKnox Recipe API. You may not scrape the WebKnox Recipe API or in any way attempt to copy or store the information it provides, including any derived, hashed, or transformed data. You may cache the data to improve the performance of your service, but you must clear the cache as soon as your subscription expires and as soon as you stop paying for use of the WebKnox Recipe API. If you stop using the WebKnox Recipe API, if you are blocked from using the API on mashape, or if WebKnox asks you to stop using the API or to delete all data, then you must delete all data you obtained from the WebKnox Recipe API.

WebKnox also reserves the right to include our logo or the spoonacular logo, links to WebKnox or spoonacular, and/or advertisements (e.g. links or images related to sponsors) in the WebKnox Recipe API, including its widgets.

###A Couple Prohibitions###

You may use the data provided by the WebKnox Recipe API as part of your website, application, or other project, but you cannot attempt to use our data to create a site or application meant to provide the same experience as spoonacular. spoonacular is the world's best recipe search engine, which is why the data it uses (i.e. the WebKnox Recipe API!) is top of the line. Should WebKnox determine that your website or application is attempting to compete with spoonacular (for example by purporting to have the best recipe search engine) or drive traffic away from spoonacular in another way, you will no longer be allowed to use our API. In this case, however, you may reach out to us to discuss a possible business partnership.

You may not create the impression that your site is endorsed by WebKnox or spoonacular or is in any way related to these sites (for example by using the WebKnox or spoonacular logos). You can, however, contact us and ask us whether you can use our logos. In some cases we even give you discounts on API fees.

You can definitely use the WebKnox Recipe API in order to compare our API to our competitors.


The WebKnox Recipe API and all the data it consists of are intended for informational purposes only, and are provided "as is," "with all faults," and "as available." This means that while WebKnox will do its best to ensure the quality of our API and the accuracy of our data, there are no guarantees or warranties (neither expressed nor implied). Thus, WebKnox is not accountable for any losses, damages, or any other problems that occur because the API is unavailable or slow or because the data contains errors. WebKnox is also not accountable for any copyrighted text or images that you show on your website, even if it comes from the WebKnox Recipe API. Again, should the creator of the text/image ask that the text/image be removed from your site and thus from the WebKnox Recipe API, you must immediately contact WebKnox via mashape so the copyrighted material can be promptly removed.


These Terms of Use may be updated or revised. You will be informed of major changes. If necessary, you will need to change your websites/app/etc. to be in compliance with these terms. Futhermore, we reserve the right to withdraw the permission to use the API without explanation.

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