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KeyPay API Documentation

This API provides access to most of the functionality provided by the KeyPay cloud payroll system for Australian businesses

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GETList Unavailabilities
GETGet Unavailability
POSTCreate Unavailability
PUTUpdate Unavailability
DELETEDelete unavailability
ABA Settings
POSTCreate an ABA settings record
DELETEDelete ABA settings
GETGet ABA settings
GETList ABA settings
PUTUpdate ABA settings
GETGet user
POSTGrant access to an employee record
POSTGrant user access to a business
GETList users with access to the business
GETGet user access details for business
DELETERevoke access to business
DELETERevoke access to an employee record
GETList users with access to an employee record
Pay Run
POSTCreate pay run
POSTCreate pay run earnings lines
DELETEDelete a pay run
POSTFinalise pay run
GETGet Pay Slip File
GETGet pay run
GETList deductions
GETGet pay run details
GETGet pay run earnings line by employee
GETList Pay Run Earnings Lines
GETGet pay run leave accrued
GETGet pay run leave accrued by employee
GETGet pay run totals
GETGet pay run totals by employee
GETList pay runs
POSTTerminate pay run employee
POSTUnlock pay run
POSTCreate employee expenses
GETList employee expenses
GETGet Employee Expenses by Employee ID
POSTCreate Employer Liabilities
GETGet Employer Liabilities By Employee Id
GETList Employer Liabilities
POSTCreate PAYG adjustments
GETGet PAYG Adjustments By Employee Id
GETList PAYG Adjustments
POSTCreate Super Adjustments
GETGet Super Adjustments By Employee Id
GETList Super Adjustments
POSTCreate Deductions
GETGet Deductions by Employee Id
POSTSet pay run notation
POSTSet employee pay slip notation
DELETEDelete pay run notation
DELETEDelete employee pay slip notation
GETGet pay slip data
GETGet Pay Slip Data for employee
POSTCreate pay run asynchronously
GETPay run creation status
Work Type
POSTCreate business work type
DELETEDelete business work type
GETGet business work type
GETList business work types
PUTUpdate business work type model
GETGet birthday report data
GETGet deductions report data
GETGet detailed activity report data
GETGet employee payment history report data
GETGet leave balances report data
GETGet pay categories report data
GETGet pay run activity report data
GETGet super contributions by employee report data
GETGet super contributions by fund report data
GETLeave Liability Report
GETTimesheets Report
POSTSingle Sign On to a business
POSTSingle Sign on to an employee
POSTBulk insert timesheets
GETGet business timesheets
PUTUpdate / replace timesheets
Pay Rate Templates
POSTCreate business pay rate template
DELETEDelete business pay rate template
GETList business pay rate templates
PUTUpdate business pay rate template
Pay Categories
POSTCreate business pay category
DELETEDelete business pay category
GETGet business pay category
GETList business pay category
PUTUpdate business pay category
POSTCreate employee document
POSTCreate employee note
GETGet employee document content
GETGet employee leave allowances
GETGet employee leave balances
GETGet employee notes
GETList employee documents
POSTSet employee leave allowances
PUTUpdate employee document
GETGet employee profile image
POSTSet employee profile image
DELETEDelete employee profile image
POSTRe-activate an employee
GETList employees
POSTCreate an employee
PUTUpdate employee details
GETGet employee details
Leave Categories
POSTCreate new leave category
DELETEDelete leave category
GETGet business leave category
GETList business leave categories
PUTUpdate leave category
Super Fund
GETSearch super funds
GETGet Self Managed Super Funds
POSTCreate new Self Managed Super Fund
PUTUpdate self managed super fund
Business Documents
POSTCreate business document
GETGet Business Document
GETList business documents
PUTUpdate Business Document
GETGet business entitlements
ATO Supplier Settings
GETGet ATO supplier settings
POSTUpdate ATO supplier settings
GETGet business deduction category
POSTCreate a business location
DELETEDelete business location
GETGet business location
GETList business locations
PUTUpdate business location
Employing Entity
GETGet employing entities
POSTCreate a business
GETGet business details
GETList businesses
Pay Schedule
POSTCreate business pay schedule
DELETEDelete business pay schedule
GETGet business pay schedule
GETList business pay schedule
PUTUpdate business pay schedule
Employee Expense Categories
POSTCreate a new expense category
PUTUpdate Employee Expense Category
GETList employee expense categories
GETGet Employee Expense Category
DELETEDelete employee expense category
Deduction Categories
GETList Deduction Categories
POSTCreate a Deduction Category
PUTUpdate a Deduction Category
DELETEDelete Deduction Category
GETGet Deduction Category (Coming soon)
Employment Agreement
GETList Employment Agreements
GETEmployment Agreement Details
GETList Qualifications
GETGet qualification
POSTCreate qualification
PUTUpdate qualification
DELETEDelete qualification
Employee Qualifications
GETList qualifications for an employee
GETGet single qualification details for an employee
POSTAdd/update qualification for employee
DELETERemove qualification for an employee
GETList documents for employee qualification
GETGet single employee qualification document details
POSTCreate employee qualification document
DELETEDelete employee qualification document
Employee Groups
GETList employee groups
GETGet employee group details
POSTCreate an employee group
PUTUpdate employee group
DELETEDelete an employee group
Lookup Data
GETList available employee group permissions
GETList available reports for business reporting access permission
GETLists timezones
Leave Requests
GETGet leave requests
GETGet leave requests for employee
POSTCreate leave request
PUTUpdate a leave request
DELETECancel a leave request
POSTApprove leave request
POSTDecline leave request
Time and Attendance
GETList Kiosks
POSTCreate a time and attendance Kiosk
PUTUpdate a time and attendance Kiosk
DELETEDelete a kiosk
GETGet Kiosk Details
GETList staff for a kiosk
POSTCheck employee ID for a kiosk employee
POSTVerify the employee's kiosk PIN
POSTSend PIN reset instructions via email
POSTChange kiosk PIN for an employee
POSTClock on a new shift
POSTClock off the current shift
POSTStart a shift break
POSTEnd a shift break
POSTDiscard the current shift
POSTSend PIN reset instructions via SMS
POSTAdd an employee
GETEmployee Has Access
Public Holidays
GETRetrieve public holidays for a particular year
GETGet public holiday details
POSTAdd a public holiday
PUTUpdate a public holiday
DELETEDelete a public holiday
Leave Allowance Templates
GETGet list of leave allowance templates
GETGet a leave allowance template by id
POSTCreate a new leave allowance template
PUTUpdate an existing leave allowance template
Roster Shift
GETGet roster shifts
Rounding Rules
GETGet rounding rules
Employer Liability Categories
GETGet Employer Liability Category
GETList Employer Liability Categories
POSTCreate Employer Liability Category
PUTUpdate Employer Liability Category
DELETEDelete Employer Liability Category
PUTUpdate business pay schedule

use your apikey as the username, leave password blank

Header Parameters

use your apikey as the username, leave password blank

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