Enterprise Communication - Push To Talk
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Enterprise Communication - Push To Talk API Documentation

VoicePing is built for companies that have workers are distributed in the field. Our Push-To-Talk feature is the most convenient way for field workers to communicate. Workers communicate one to one or in a work group. Additional features like Texting and Photos makes VoicePing the All-in-One communication App for field workers.

VoicePing APIs allow Enterprise IT managers and ERP solution providers to include a communication solution as an integral part of their Enterprise Apps. This allows for additional use cases to increase productivity.

APIs available
1) Audio Notifications to Alert Workers
2) Location Information
3) Dynamic Grouping
4) Android App SDK/Intent to activate PTT

The combination of tightly integrated Workflow Apps and Communication App allows companies to reap the full benefits of Enterprise Mobility. Quicker decision making via more accessible information, higher productivity via automation of information flow and increased agility of work groups are some benefits shown below.

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Send a Text message/Audio Notification to a User

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Install SDK for (Node.js)Unirest

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OAuth2 Authentication