DNS Lookup
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DNS Lookup Overview

DNS Lookup API is a REST API to perform DNS queries through simple HTTP requests. Results are received back as JSON/XML-encoded objects. It's powered by a DNS database that covers 99.5% of IP addresses in use and over 196 million NS records updated daily.

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More Details

For a given domain name:

  • # of records matching
  • IP address (A record)
  • Mail servers (MX records)
  • DNS servers (NS nameservers)
  • SPF records (TXO records)

How to use
Check our DNS Lookup API docs for more information. You can find code examples in various programming languages on GitHub.


  • The intelligence behind the API covers most active domains and their corresponding DNS records and IP addresses
  • Easily integrable and RESTful API, compatible with all major programming languages
  • The query results are returned in XML & JSON with parsed fields and raw texts

Use cases

  • Avoid dangling DNS records that may lead to security compromise and DDoS attacks
  • Study a domain's DNS and IP infrastructure to improve site performance
  • Gather DNS record information about your competitor and other sites of interest
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